Tree care

Tree pruning & maintenance

Are your trees looking a bit shaggy? Are they hanging over the neighbour’s fence? Or perhaps the roots are clogging your drains… It might be time for some tree maintenance!

Pruning can make your trees and shrubs healthier, not to mention looking much tidier! Talk to us about the best time to prune your trees so they look great and you don’t do any damage to them.

Stump removal

Removing tree stumps can be a real pain and even a bit dangerous if not done carefully. A rope around the stump attached to your car’s tow bar is not advisable! We have the gear to safely remove and dispose of tree stumps.

Tree felling

Trees get old and can become hazardous and at risk of falling over, they can get in the way of your plans or they can simply get too big for their location! Tree felling requires careful thought and expertise to ensure the surroundings are not damaged and no-one gets hurt.

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